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Teacher hello:

I cry square square (alias) , it is high school of a key is about to rise tall the schoolgirl of 3. My liberal art is finer, achievement can be discharged 10 are in before whole class, but mathematical grade is poorer, often be not worth 100 minutes (full marks 150 minutes of) . Mathematical achievement browbeats already badly the ideal that should take an examination of to me, father mother and teacher see my circumstance is very anxious, myself also realizes must improve mathematical result come up. For this, my needle logarithm learns the semester below second year in high school hard to spend a period of time, the problem also was done many, but yield results is not big, appear hard in the exam even the circumstance that mathematical achievement still goes backwards, appear continuously 80, 90(full marks 150 minutes) achievement.

The hope that such mathematical achievement lets me is serious be thwarted, also appear to mathematical study cheesed mood. Coming tall the study time of 3 will be very nervous, I arose to abandon mathematical course now, be inferior to spending time in the idea with other subject can better result, but abandon him maths having some of not reconciled to again, also know consequence is serious, some are at a loss. Teacher, how should I do after all now? -- in affliction square

[Individual brief introduction]

Yuan Dong: Psychology of school of experiment of area of Dalian city Zhongshan seeks advice from a teacher, 2 class psychology refers the country master, high teacher learns in, liaoning saves mental health of middle and primary school to teach professional council director. Begin to be engaged in psychology of high school student consulting the job from 1996, ever had sought advice from on 1000 students individually, most those who be good at is method of study of high school student, state of mind adjusts a respect, ever was in " people is taught " etc a few articles had been published on magazine newspapers and periodicals, what chair " advisory mode of psychology of high school student studies " obtain Liaoning to save achievement of 15 education scientific research second-class award.

1 want to learn, still learn certainly, this is a problem!

Hello, square square classmate:

You are to want to learn maths after all, must still learn maths? Proposal square square again new recognize this all in all problem!

And a lot of slant the Gao Sanxue of the division is unripe same, I think you are right slant the division is likely of the consequence that cause or some understanding. The possibility that the headings in an account book that is kept in a serious hinder sb can make take an examination of a good university becomes very little, your mathematical mark is at present right what to mean for achievement of the university entrance exam, I think than who square square possibility is distinct. Perhaps you can subdue the ground to say to me, do you think I do not want to learn maths? Do you know how many time I left? I want to learn maths really, but that achievement still is old pattern, what idea do I have? And my answer is: I know you want to improve mathematical result, but are you to want to learn maths merely after all? Still must learn maths! Ask an attention: This can be two disparate problems. Cite a case:
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