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Renown division is direct: 5 kinds of methods teach you to overcome study " take
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How ability not " take a look "

Reading tall the small peak of 3 is very pained: Soon the university entrance exam is closer and closer, he however cannot the heart is reviewed without investment of distracting thoughts ground, always feel everyday a disorder in brain, want what to do to come prescind force, however often static no less than hearts, attend class repeatedly also cannot completely static next hearts. He tells himself " must focus attention " , do not have effect completely however, the thought that is like oneself is in like sufferring others to control.

Result, recently tone take an examination ofing is medium in April, his total achievement drops whole class 30 beyond. For this, he feels special be agitated, keep asking: "Have what idea after all, can you let me did not take a look? Can you let me did not take a look??


"Take a look " actually normal also

The person's attention is focussed for long very hard, "Take a look " it is normal psychological phenomenon actually.

The attention itself of small peak does not have what obstacle, because draw near the university entrance exam, his psychological pressure is increased, taller and taller also to oneself requirement, the short of in reviewing " the heart does not have distracting thoughts " state, with respect to apt ego condemnation, a few normal psychology the phenomenon regarded as unusual.

He makes excessive demands the more oneself want attention concentration, stimulate more easily to the outside too sensitive, the result is true " attention is not centered " , then more pained, form vicious circle thereby, hard extricate oneself.


5 kinds of methods, teach you to overcome " take a look "

Tall the study task of 3 graduation class really very heavy, plus the tall expectation of teacher, parent, the psychology that gives the child again adds on one weight; A few classmates look very again to achievement, as good as is to give his pressurization, can't bear heavy burden necessarily. Accordingly, classmates should learn ego decompression, maintain a common heart. Believe oneself, a minute cultivated, harvest one minute.

How to overcome " take a look " , a few kinds of specific measure introduce below, choose for classmates:

1, autosuggestion law

Autosuggestion can arouse psychological activity enthusiasm, conduce to the concentration of attention. If oneself remind alone when study, "Not abstracted " , " hard attend a lecture " ; Also can seek a few pieces of small card, write on: "Absorption attend a lecture " , " budding do not try hard, old apprentice hurts Bei " wait for a sentence, put them in the place that you see easily at ordinary times next, in the box that be like a pen, on the wall before desk, or clip is in textbook. No matter be to attend class,attend a lecture still is job of writing coming home, want to see them only, can remind oneself: "Do not take a look! "Do not take a look!!
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