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Education lays the good teacher that be an upright person
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Everybody can have the thing that allows his to touch. But clue adventitious is identical, or abandon oneself help a person, or prevent a thief to defend a country, or " sacrifice is small my success is great I " ... and the person that there also is to make me deep touch in my brain, it is the shake regret that he brings me soul of again and again in this burning hot summer, it is he lets me understand what is kind-hearted, what is to touch, he is the pluralistic teacher Chen Foru that Zhi Kang teachs.

Mr. Chen is pluralistic teacher of the center, although he is not our full-time teacher, but he is all teachers inside most a when suffer student and parent welcome to love. A lot of students that Mr. Chen brings checked the elementary school of the key. But Mr. Chen most the place of admire letting a person still depends on, he not only church the knowledge that how the pupil learns book to go up, return church how do they face life, how be an upright person.

, listened to the class of Mr. Chen accidentally, he corrects the error of a very piquant child, but the parent feels administrative pattern of the teacher is insufficient " tender " . Mr. Chen says to the parent: "The person can do two kinds only, one kind is a hero, and another kind of soil that is a hero. Of the others not be a person. " what perhaps he says is very offensive, but what he says is very right.

An Englishman has said, prospective United States may become the ruler of the world, japan can become the governor of the world, and China can become the ruled only, why to give this speech? Because be in in the imitate education of military training type,be, china, Japan and American match, china was defeated. Because Chinese child is too cowardly, chinese child forgot how to love others below the surrounding of a lot of love, dare not assume little responsibility for others even.

Just can be defeated because of this China, and the United States and Japan are doughty however. When American teachs a child to walk, if the child dropped, parents calls herself to climb. And Chinese parents can come child uprear, caress by every means.
"It is the parents because of China too feel distressed the child " . Mr. Chen says. Hear these words, the parent very suffer inspire, the child also rises seriously in the class hour that go.

Mr. Chen teachs a student knowledge not only, more church student is an upright person, give the method of parent education child. The child cannot rely on a teacher only a person can have taught, we need the parent cooperate. Hope all parents can learn how to love his child, how does church child assume responsibility.

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