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Become a teacher, very good really!
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Will to Zhi Kang be less than the time of a month, my student is opposite for not be very much, but fall in such circumstance, also let me experience the parent to the unfeignedly to us is thanked and affirm.

Element element is the first student that I accept, she is one very aspirant, with the girl of the heart. Her target is to be able to check on 11 schools, but from before the situation that studies abstruse number looks, the child does not follow to go up the speed of the top class in a kindergarten, appeared flaw of a few knowledge. The parent is holding the hope that can solve child learning problem in time in the arms to groom center, from summer vacation a few days attend class finally all the time to the a week that term begins everyday.

Take lessons after school or work of nearly 10 days was passed below the guidance of Mr. Yang, greeted 11 groom the exam of the class. If was passed,groom the exam of the class, element element took one step again from 11 schools. Exam before today, element element is a little nervous, mr. Yang and I ceaseless encouragement she, let her believe the effort of oneself and teacher and actual strength, not careless in the exam...

After achievement comes out, we got the parent's good news: Element element through grooming the exam of the class! The parent is very glad, when I express congratulation to the parent, what the parent expresses to should be congratulated more is us! Thank us to be opposite the help of element element, and still wish me teacher's day is happy! I am touched very much... the teacher of a gleam of that I am not her, it is a common educational administration personnel only, do also be affection of a few bagatelle, can suffer the congratulation to the parent, in that flashy, flushed really in the heart a warm current...

Today is teacher's day, although I am not to struggle the teacher in forefront, but similar move is made feeling and glorious sense! An any small businesses, a warm greeting, casual " thank " , can make me experience that hair to arrive oneself of the bottom of the heart vibratile... I can continue hard, the sensation in letting the job, life becomes eternity for an instant...

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