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Make advisory division I am to be the child to plan course so
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Liang Naichen (alias) it is mom is taking those who come, through chitchat, mom speaks a problem. "Child past success still goes, but do not know how to be done recently, see book study with respect to shout dizziness, does be disgusted with learn? " the opinion that I begin to ask for the child after the description that heard the parent, was morning to admit to see the fact of book dizziness, deny be disgusted with to learn however. Here I make conclusions without absurd, begin to become thorough knowledge.

Pass understanding, the child's case is clearer and clearer. Be morning is parental a beloved daughter as a child, also get in the school of the teacher love. But parents is exorbitant to be morning to ask, it is when the child is very small a few special skill that begin to foster her, for instance the picture is drawn, dance; After entering the school, such special skill requirement has more add without decrease. Every weeks of child undertakes piano coachs 2, 3. Plan to finish training sometimes, the child should play musical instrument to be played in the evening at 11 o'clock, the following day as usual attends class in the morning. Such coming down, the child's special skill does not have progress, study also was pulled.

Integrated these circumstances consider an analysis, I think the child is study exhaustion, learn to have nothing to do with be disgusted with, but if continue the study of such high strenth, will bring about true be disgusted with to learn.

For this, the special skill that I suggest parents abandons doing not have progress for child fill in a form and submit it to the leadership trains, made personally for child quantity every time last time of the class special coach course, in order to improve study result of the child. Parent jump at my proposal, liangtong learns result now not only rise rapid, and also become more optimistic, I see every time very gratified the plan that also succeeds for oneself feels proud.

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