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Advisory case is analysed -- beautiful group
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Inside this collective, the group cooperates nowhere is absent, this seek advice from division plum teacher to have experience greatly.

Remember Mr. Li going out handle affairs, but make an appointment to undertake advisory parent comes midday study in the late evening originally, explain say to important meeting wants afternoon, can come over midday only.

The change of arise suddenly, threw into confusion the job with advisory orderly ministry. The force of this moment group is shown. Other the job in the hand that advisory division drops instantly: "You are in charge of phoning Mr. Li to let her come back, you are in charge of recieving the parent, you are in charge of personalized test. " advisory director arranges each person reasonably, the parent did not wait how to long enter normal advisory segment. Mr. Li hurrieds back flow seeks advice to already had an in part when coming, the teacher that early days diagnoses gives diagnostic data Mr. Li, the case that showed this parent and child continues oneself job went. Mr. Li has received diagnostic data, finished smoothly next diagnose and recommended likely course for the child, parent jump at left approvingly.

This momently, mr. Li profundity felt the power of the group, look at the colleague in the group, feel their everybody is so beautiful...

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