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Your satisfaction is the biggest to us approbate
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Before paragraph time, incoming telegram of a parent seeks advice, obvious worry is betrayed in mood, his child is cleverer, namely often because carelessness is careless and bring about an exam to lose cent, achievement is not stable. The parent and student are this very anxious, want to look for a man-to-man teacher to coach.

After understanding a situation simply, I let the child do the careless and special test that about learning method and study are used to one. Finish I undertook an analysis to its after the test, the acceptance that discovers the child, savvy holds out pretty good, study the foundation is very good also, but her attention is not special concentration, extracurricular experienced exercises is done lesser, the manner of study is not very rigorous. I reflect these conditions to the parent and child, the parent says the child is such circumstance really at ordinary times, do not have namely too care about.

I tell the parent, the child is cleverer, but study method and promotion of study habit need, extracurricular exercise is done so that compare little meeting to affect a student to do the competence of the problem, attention can not affect a student to understand the deep degree of the problem centrally, and the accuracy rate that whether rigorous direct meeting affects the manner of study to become a problem to the student, the parent indicates approval to my answer. Then I told the parent and child again a few careless small method is overcome in daily study and life, for instance preparative fault inscribes the reason that sums up err seriously originally and lesson, when taking an exam, falling to check a problem to wait a moment, the education that at the same time I tell the parent good study to method and study are used to is a long-term course, central teacher gives birth to course knowledge in didactics while, meeting help child develops good study method and study habit, after the parent listens special satisfaction.

Final I chose appropriate teacher for the child. After begin school, I see the parent and the child's satisfactory smile via regular meeting, their satisfaction is the biggest to us approbate.

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