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Seek advice from those things
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Remember that day is Zhou Yi, I receive the telephone call of a mom, mood is very anxious, I make mom gentle after mood of one conditions or feelings of the lower levels, communicate the fundamental condition that knew a student in detail: The student calls Liu Jiang, on middle school of key is in city first 2, after rank of class of last term final leans quite, each section grade is poorer. But still be in when the elementary school on Liu Jiang mathematical experiment class, english respect learns Cantabrigian English all the time, fair flower crossed 2 level. Arrived junior high school, achievement drops quickly, the parent is more anxious, summer vacation signed up for class of a few take lessons after school hastily, but child disinclination, the effect is not apparent also, other parent listens to introduce Zhi Kang on the net, call today ask, listen to our proposal.

Listen to the parent's introduction, I am preliminary it is good without processing that diagnostic child belongs to two different studies to join and be adjusted of level. Make an appointment with domestic strip student to come over to do a detailed test to diagnose.

After the parent is taking a student to teach a center, I did an individuation to diagnose examination questions to the student, diagnose a student very clever, but lack own study consciousness and study capacity, the study with good neither one is used to and study a method. Undertook along with heel parent and student face-to-face communicate. In communicating Cheng, the student's word is not much, the eye examines advisory room ceaselessly the wall all around, the mood is lower, I ask him, why will to Zhi Kang teach? Do in this you expect to obtain what is the mainest? He tells me, he feels the study of the school is right now he is a kind of burden, besides maths, he does not know how to plan his course, can be at a loss to self-study time, besides complete necessary work, do not know how prepare lessons before class is mixed review, because the course of elementary school is mom and teacher arrangement are good, he should be done accordingly only went, now in residence of junior high school, mom is not beside, achievement go from bad to worse, heart of self-confidence of it doesn't matter, come this hope achievement can have rise.

I and parent and child analysed a reason, think main reason is parent of elementary school phase monopolize the thing is overmuch, good study convention and method do not have nurturance, and enter a middle school, it is to lodge make the school, the guidance that the moment of truth that learns level changeover in two has done not have and teach, study lacks own consciousness, achievement glides to did not cause enough attention, bring about a student to get ceaselessly from confidence the worry of achievement, the symptom that appeared to be shut oneself even, be aimed at this kind of circumstance, I pointed out to the parent and student proper study plans, the own consciousness that suggests the parent fosters student learning conciously at ordinary times at the same time, with the student much communication is communicated more, encounter problem parent and child to be faced jointly, be encouraged to the child more and confidence.
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