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A group a home
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Summer of 8 the beginning of the year, lai Zhikang works when two 2 months, auditive inflammation is serious, but because educational administration teacher is less, the job is not put, did not go to a hospital all the time make a diagnosis and give treatment.

The center is very much after the teacher discovers my auditive agnail, say caringly to let me make the best of time to treat in succession, do not delay make illness aggravate. "You need not worry about the thing of working respect, course adjusts a problem we help you, you are at ease see a doctor! " a lot of teachers say with me so.

Manage to find time in me go to a hospital treating that day, a lot of teachers send a short message to ask illness state, this makes me be touched very much, get along the colleague of two months can care so to me, warm in the heart warm...
Chief inspector Mr. Lu comes when princess graveyard campus inspects, the enquires me illness that also cares unexpectedly, "The body is uncomfortable but ten million cannot be delayed, if recrudesce must ask for leave in time,see a doctor! Body types or forms of literature is capital! " that momently, warm current raids my whole body again.
I special rejoice to oneself have groups of such a work, everybody cares each other, mutual help, like the family. That feeling, really good!

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