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Although cake is small, warmth is big however
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Student plum large (alias) the latterest center attends class always is downhearted, mr. Li reads his a teacher in charge of a class in the eye, the decision helps this originally the boy of optimistic sunshine look for a joy afresh.

Mr. Li talks about climate in playtime and Li Shuo, try make oblique references finds the reason that affects his mood, but do not have result and return. But Mr. Li did not abandon, be informed finally through be being communicated with Li Shuo's parent, former in a few more days is Li Shuo's birthday, but the father that he loves most was away on official business that day however, cannot accompany him to spend birthday. Without father's company, li Shuo feels birthday becomes dull insipidity.

Make clear reason, mr. Li decides to make the birthday that Li Shuo does not have father this more unforgettable.

Birthday that day, li Shuo as usual comes to a center to attend class, playtime, mr. Li uncannily hands Li Shuo a carton, "Open look! " the eye that sees Li Shuo is interrogative, mr. Li is smiling to say. The box is ravelled by Li Shuo slowly, a beautiful birthday cake is shown before, "Birthday joy! Spend birthday should happy, right? " subsequently, the noise in the classroom had birthday joy song.

Li Shuo laugh, because,not be of cake sweet, what bring because of Mr. Li however is greatly surprizing the consideration with warmth. Him large of plum of no less than is said: "It is Mr. Li lets me know, grant just is not passed to accept intellectual impact between teachers and students, still can be a friend, it is a family member. It is a family member..

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