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Tian Fenge
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Teacher number: 34376
Teacher full name: Tian Fenge sexual distinction: Female
Place school: University of China north electric power is professional: Maths
Record of formal schooling: The Master registers time: 2008-9-19 19:59:22


Pedagogic category: Teacher of preparatory of normal school institute teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: Temporarily teacher


Can teach course: Elementary school arrives high school maths, physics of junior high school, chemical, english
Resume: I am graduate student of college of China north electric power 2 grade student, first high school achievement is outstanding, be good at counting manage to change especially. During the university, study is assiduous, win outstanding graduate title. Be graduated from normal school school, have pedagogic qualification letter.
Disposition is optimistic, responsibility heart is strong.
Family education experience: At present till, had taken 4 years of teaching in home, coach count name student, include elementary school among them, junior high school reachs high school, also had taken the high school that checks foreign university to be born, seasoned, have stronger coach ability and responsibility heart. Coach now boy of a junior high school, achievement rises remarkable. If you are believed so that cross me, I can do my best had coached your child! Thank your attention.
Family education experience: 4 years the ground orders a requirement: Come salary requirement: 50 yuan / hour
But schooltime: Time is very free now, time can talk, want you to go to the lavatory only. Summer vacation does not come home.
Special requirement: A few closer from the view that answer dragon, communication is easy can

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