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Ma Jie
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Teacher number: 38189
Teacher full name: Ma Jie sexual distinction: Male
Place school: North mails (did not graduate) professional: Labour is set
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course registers time: 2008-9-20


Pedagogic category: Other teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: Temporarily teacher


Can teach course: Junior high school, high school counts manage to change
Resume: Oneself took an examination of university of Beijing post and telecommunications 2007, be in tall in that summer vacation of 3 graduation, I contacted an elementary school of native place, undertake holiday grooms high school, the student of junior high school, we are 3 people a group, have 104 people of student in all, differ as a result of them grade, so we open time allocation come, such our altogether taught more than 40 days, I acquired many things, because I had faced a collective, we blend have tacit agreement very much, those who acquired their parent reputably, in the life that is in an university one year, I made one semester teaching in home, because learn busy cause, in general, my flatter oneself is very capable to teach them, I also like to communicate with them. I feel to be in family education career my biggest gains is I have a kind of achievement to feel, look at them to learn energy so sufficient, I am very excited really. At the same time I feel to had taught a fellow student is not very simple thing, I feel the method is the most important, must let their “ fall in love with study ” above all, let them experience the fun with real learning, it is a very good study method and study habit next, this I have experience very much, I also have hope very much to oneself.
Family education experience: The first semester is in 2007 universities maths of high school of Chang Ping teaching, tall 3 finish school are whole manage of number of junior high school of summer vacation teaching is changed,
Family education experience: 2 years the ground orders a requirement: Come salary requirement: 60 yuan / hour
But schooltime: On the weekend
Special requirement:

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