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Xiao Zhihao
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Teacher number: 38207
Teacher full name: Be like Zhi Hao sexual distinction: Male
Place school: Chinese medium university is professional: Computer science and technology
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course registers time: 2008-9-21


Pedagogic category: Other teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: Temporarily teacher


Can teach course: Maths of junior high school, physics, chemical. Computer base, the webpage is made
Resume: Science of computer of university of 2004-2008 China medium and technology are professional
Responsibility heart is strong, be good at be being communicated with the child, the weakness in be good at capturing child learning helps a breakthrough.
Family education experience: Big the 2 maths that bring child of a second year in high school one year, hind because enter big 3 busier and abdication. Big 4 belts the several manage of 3 children change a year first.
Family education experience: 2 years the ground orders a requirement: Come salary requirement: 35 yuan / hour
But schooltime: On the weekend
Special requirement:

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