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Zhang Yun
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Teacher number: 38205
Teacher full name: Zhang Yun sexual distinction: Female
Place school: Major of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Physics
Record of formal schooling: The Master registers time: 2008-9-21


Pedagogic category: Other teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: Temporarily teacher


Can teach course: Junior high school counts manage to change
Resume: Undergraduate course is fastened in Heibei university physics, study result is exceedingly good, in successive years wins national scholarship and win title of 3 good students.
Family education experience: Family education is seasoned, responsibility heart is strong, have patience. Coach for many times three manage chemistry lays middle school of key of pass an entrance examination first.
Family education experience: 4 years the ground orders a requirement: Come salary requirement: 50 yuan / hour
But schooltime: Everyday in the evening, weekday is round-the-clock Saturday
Special requirement: Can make student achievement gets apparent promote considerably, middle school of key of pass an entrance examination.

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