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Zhang Wanting
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Teacher number: 38198
Teacher full name: Zhang Wanting sexual distinction: Female
Place school: Beijing language university is professional: English
Record of formal schooling: Undergraduate course registers time: 2008-9-22 12:36:58


Pedagogic category: Other teachs a persons qualified to teach experience: Temporarily teacher


Can teach course: Elementary school English, maths, chinese. Maths of junior high school, English, Chinese. Tall one chemistry, maths, English. High school biology.
Resume: Beijing language university is in school student, major is English major, mandarin standard has good maths at the same time, chemical, chinese reachs biology strength.
Year of group once was when high school the first, had gotten Olympic English award for many times. The chemistry when the university entrance exam, biology nearly full marks.
This holiday once still had done the exercitation interpreter of two months in company of a metals. Translate data of product of a few foreign trade for the company, and come-and-go mail.
Be in as a result of parents pedagogic industry, have very great experience to studying an aspect so, had gotten a lot of guidance, own study ability is stronger, can offer the experience that learns ability independently to the student and proposal.
With respect to me old study experience is told, think the student of different strength should have different education kind.
For relatively insufficient to discipline skill student, answer to master textbook knowledge mainly, expand outwards gradually again, increase study interest, plunge into foundation of real learning family, such ability rise further. If the foundation foozle of a building, above again costly, also meet finally cave in. Suit to lie like this truth tall the 3 students that are about to step entrance door of the university entrance exam.
Better to strength fellow student, can involve the tutorial outside a few books more, the exercises outside explaining a few books, but the ability that still inspires a student the most importantly to think independently, reach the right kind that ponders over a problem.
Lesser to the age, have an insatiable desire for the student that play quite, want to pass the study interest that increases them to undertake guidance, cannot mandatory, can cause child allergy otherwise. Oneself are good at and child contact with, like all the time by dot, can get the better of the job that allows to teach piquant child.
Him professor course has patience,
Family education experience: Go up high school period, had explained maths of junior high school for student of junior high school. When high school, often also explain exercises and the content that the teacher has explained to wait for the classmate. The little brother that once was junior high school and the child that the mother works in the same place had coached English.
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